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Saving data


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Hey all. Cheers for all the advise so far !! Everything is now up and running brilliant my old phone using as the test device I had connected and as I was doing app updates.on it I could see the request packets and images etc on one of the modules (name has slipped my mind) but once I had this how would I save them for future use to say show a client etc ? 

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Hi there, 

I assume you are talking about DWall. Unfortunately I never had persistent storage in mind, and data is streamed directly to your browser (and then forgotten).

I will probably end up adding some more features though, and when I do, I'll keep this in mind. 

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Sebkinne is DWall your work ?  

If it is very good job !

I'm new to this and slowly learning and having chance to look into how these are written is a great help. 

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