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Shit Load Of Stickers :)


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so i recently placed an order with hak5 for the nano tactical kit, packet squirrel and some books, order arrived and i was well happy :) unfortunatley theu forgot to include any free stickers :(

so i dropped them a little email just asking if they still give the free stickers being as i hadnt recieved any, they appologised and said they would send some.

Then holy friggin moly this arrived today :) :) :) thank you Hak5



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I ordered a PS, BB, and some books. Missing one of the books so I opened a support ticket a week ago. No response yet. Now that I know stickers were supposed to come with it I didn't get stickers either. Maybe I'll add it to the ticket. I expect they were bombarded by the holiday sale they were running is why some things slipped through the cracks.

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10 hours ago, AdamM said:

FYI 'Shit Ton' in Australian slang is an official unit of measure.

And to be clear, there are 2-4x f**k loads to 1x sh*t Ton - dependent on the number of f**k's given.

for conversion purposes.

P.s. sorry, slow day :)

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