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Which Language ?


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Short answer, it doesn't matter, pick one and learn it, once you have the concepts you'll be able to move into other languages much easier.


Longer answer, it depends what you want to write scripts to do. Research that area and see what other tools are written in and that is probably the best language.


Other option, find out what languages your friends know and learn those, with friends to help it is much easier to pick up something new.

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I suggest that you look at entry level books for the different languages. The one that looks most interesting and fun is the right one for you to start. Ultimately, you should know them all.  You should also learn BASH.    As you spread out, look for common ideas present in them all.  Understand similarities and differences.  It's this which makes one more or less suitable for a particular task.

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Depends on what you want to do but I would agree with the others to just start since when it comes to non-compiled languages like python, ruby, powershell, vbs, js is pretty much becomes syntax.  C# is like between those languages and the lower level languages since it compiles.

Now, if you want to get into binary exploiting then you will need to learn the lower level languages like C C++ to maybe understand what the pitfalls are but ultimately you will need to learn assembly and its conversion to ops codes to be able to do any type of custom code injection or understand lower level exploits.

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