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802.1X Port Security Bypass


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NETMODE has "transparent", but I'd like to take that further.  Alva "Skip" Duckwall did a presentation at DEFCON 19, explaining that a MitM simply needs to wait for an Ethernet frame from each side of the bridge.  Then you note the two MAC addresses, and simply modify the NICs at each end to match the opposite side.  By doing this, your MitM simply disappears from the network cable.

I don't have my Squirrel yet (but it's ordered), but I figured I'd throw this out to the world and see if anyone else would like to have this added as a NETMODE.

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There are multiple tools, which could be able to bypass 802.1x NAC. Found a quite promising one here: https://github.com/scipag/nac_bypass

Not sure, if it could run on a Hak5-Device like the squirrel.


The NACkered script and our nac_bypass_setup.sh solution were written and tested on Debian-based Linux distributions, but both should be executable on other Linux distributions as well


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