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  1. I'm thinking and hoping the same thing. Looks like the NANO went on sale and is all sold out. Maybe they cleared out stock in preparation for the new generation. Fingers crossed.
  2. I see the NANO and TETRA have been on sale, and the NANO is now all sold out. Could it be there is a new Pineapple generation on the horizon? Would anyone form hak5 care to comment?
  3. Another user mentioned that needed to install the driver from the ASIX site:
  4. I got mine today (yay!) and took it apart. (Of course) Inside, it is a stacked design like the packet squirrel with the ethernet switch package on one PCB and the PHYs and the ASIX chips on two sides on the main PCB. The stacking header is 20 pins. The boards are soldered together via the stacking header and there are a couple of other ICs I can't see. The ethernet chip is: MICREL KSZ8895MQXCA The USB to ethernet does have the 3 GPIO broken out to diagnostic pads. ps - Why didn't my "Elite Gear Organizer" come with the Hak5 keychain prominently featured in the product picture?!? That's why I bought the thing in the first place.
  5. I don't think this device contains a MIPS SOC like the packet squirrel, so there is nowhere for the C2 software to run. This is just a network tap and a USB ethernet adapter.
  6. This is a great product. I'm buying one (pending answers to these questions) and I am already encouraging others... Questions: Looking at the tools scripts, there does not appear to currently be capacity to use more than one on a system at a time. The script looks for the first instance of '00:13:37' and manages rules for that interface. Is this something you plan to enhance in the future? Making a guess about the design, we have a 100Mbps switch ASIC with one port connected to each RJ45 and one to the AX887722C, configured to mirror traffic to the port for the AX887722C. So the question is, what are the capabilities of that ASIC aside from span, and can we get at the management plane via the AX887722C? How does this behave with dot1q tagged networks? Is any tag automatically applied to traffic coming in from the AX887722C, is tagged traffic send by the USB connected host sent (flooded?) unmodified, and is this configurable? Does the tap learn MACs and forward like a switch, or flood all traffic sent by the USB host? Assuming it learns, what is the MAC table capacity?
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