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  1. I'm on 2.0 and still have the issue, what version of the firmware did you find works?
  2. Same thing is happening to me, any luck finding a fix?
  3. Was there ever any movement on this? Have some NAC (Aruba Clearpass) I'd like to see if I can get around.
  4. Hmm, did you use the hotspot manager from etusrudio or another one? I saw a couple in there named that. I'm rather new to the Andoid ecosystem, I've avoided it until now, been a Mac and iDevice person forever. Broke down and decided I need to learn it, mainly for things like the Pineapple and other security tools that just won't run on Apple. On the list is learning how to root the Droid.
  5. Tried the one from etustudio, all that did was disable Wi-Fi and could not enable a hotspot. I'm guessing this is because the Tab A I have is Wi-Fi only.
  6. Connected but when it brings up the tethering screen its blank
  7. I see what it is, I always forget about the other USB port, I usually have another Wi-Fi adapter in it. Thx.
  8. Standard micro usb male to usb female dongle adapter? The Samsung cable comes out to male as is the Nano. Duct tape and gorilla glue didn't work.;-)
  9. Before I drive myself nuts all night with cables and adapters, what cable will work from a Galaxy tab A to a Nano?
  10. Hmm, will it fit in /tmp? Didn't even think about that, assumed its too large. Thx
  11. I'm attempting to update the firmware on my Nano to 2.0.2 via the SD card and not having any luck. Downloaded the file and verified the sha256 chksum on my Mac where it was downloaded to. Copied the file over to the SD card then moved the card to the Nano. It gets mounted up at /sd and I validated the sha256 chksum there, they match. Run sysupgrade /sd/upgrade-2.0.2.bin and it appears to run then reboots but when it comes back up it's still at 1.1.3. So, I added the -v switch to sysupgrade along with --test and get: root@Pineapple:/# sysupgrade --test /sd/upgrade-2.0.2.bin -v Invalid image type. Image check 'platform_check_image' failed.
  12. Yep, I'm thinking of setting up /root/loot as sshfs, see if that works. At 98% responder *should* still work as long as the logs and data go off the lanturtle. Big fat "I think" on it though.
  13. I just imaged my Lan Turtle again as I filled it up the first time. *This* time I checked file system usage before installing modules and the QuickCreds pre-reqs. Fresh up the LT's root file system (rootfs) was 44% full with 2.6M so I installed 10 modules, basically the "essentials" and when that was done rootfs was at 45%. I ran the QuickCreds configure which downloaded its pre-reqs and suddenly the file system went up to 98% used with only 100K free. Seeing as how responder records everything in /root/loot, and the initial logs are 8.5K, it seems responder data will QUICKLY consume that remaining 100K locally. Would it be "best" to setup autossh and sshfs before setting up QuickCreds and placing it at /root/loot via a symlink? What are others doing?
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