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Hey guys,

Followed the wiki to install the latest firmware manually, waited and after about ~15-20 minutes of waiting and seeing the LED was off, I touched it and it was blistering hot. 

I removed the bunny, and have proceeded to try every method or suggestion of recovery on this forum and under the sun. When I attempt recovery, it gets incredibly hot and after the red/blue flashed, it lights green for a second and then nothing. It isn't being detected by any of my machines, and I cant SSH into it or screen. I plug it in and it lights green for a second then goes off and will get hot if left in.

Anyone experiencing the same or have any suggestions? I've already submitted a ticket, but I wanted to make one more attempt to find a fix.

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Doing some digging, and dmesg grep outputs show the device ACM0 is there as a mass storage device but i'm unable to locate the path.

So demsg shows the device is there, but screen and microcom can't connect.

I have suspicions that the firmware update which downloaded as as .tar should have been .tar.gz, so when i try to recover it tries to update with the missing file extension, and the overheating as it tries to update whenever i try to recover.

If this is the case, is there a way to access the bashbunny storage to remove the update file so it can recover properly?

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I did a quick search of the Bash Bunny subforum. Go to the Bash Bunny subforum and type in 'hot' in the search bar. I suggest having a look through them - I think in most cases they needed to be replaced by Hak5 Support. Keep in mind they will probably be quite busy (there's only 2 people manning their whole support) with the upcoming event they're having so they may not reply for a few days (hopefully not too long).

Good luck!

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