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pineV sh6.sh problems


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downloaded wp6.sh  made executable runs BUT think I have this wired up wrong?

the pineV is connected on ETH0  via the rj45

the wlan0 is on an alpha awus036nha

my PARROTOS  pc is connected to xfinitywifi using wlan0 

I boot into PARROTOS  and connect to xfinitywifi and successfully browse to cnn.com to test it using the firefox browser.

I run ./wp6.sh and take the guided option BUT don't really get which interface is for the INTERNET?  is it ETH0 or Wlan0 

the youtube videos I have found seem to have a different wp6.sh

if someone can point me at a youtube that covers this I would be grateful

Just doing a bit of research to see if I could find out what I was doing wrong and this guy has EXACTLY the same problem ???




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another person has same issue
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4 hours ago, barry99705 said:

Eth0 is your network.

Hey Barry

thanks for the reply AND I got the damn thing working. Seems it didn't like the wp6.sh on the PV for some reason. The MOMENT I used the wp5.sh I was back in business.  with the wp6.sh it seemed to loop on the detection phase. I suppose because it wasn't using USB. Still it's working fine now. Thanks for all your GREAT help.


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