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VID_PID Swapper


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So I am currently doing some research with the Rubber Duck and of course whenever you plug it into a MAC it wants you  to hit key strokes so it can identify the keyboard.  This can be avoided by making it looking like an apple keyboard.  I have found that there is a vid_pid swapper exe file which will pull from a list on a .txt file.  I can not however find any tutorial or information on how to properly use this.  Can someone please point me in the right direction for this please.

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14 hours ago, b0N3z said:

check this out https://ducktoolkit.com/vidpid/ .  find the device you want and download the .bin and place it next to your inject.bin.   boom you have a different keyboard.

Thanks I really appreciate the help with this.  Do I need the detour duck firmware or will the original firmware work for this?

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