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how to change my ip?


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He has your external IP, which is harder to change manually. Usually your ISP changes it every now and then, rotating all the external IPs it gives out to those who have purchased an internet connection. However, this is not the case if you bought a static external IP with the ISP.

So ways to stop yourself getting DDOS'd?

1. Don't go on TeamSpeak 3 with people who you don't trust (or just leave it entirely - I can't believe ppl still use it when there is a completely free and polished program out there called Discord)

2. Ask your ISP to change your IP because you are being DDOS'd

3. Use a VPN (people can try DDOS you all they want, but it ain't gonna happen)

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3 minutes ago, d0p3 said:

is there any good trusted free vpn?


3 minutes ago, d0p3 said:

second question, asking my isp to change  my ip is the only way to aboid being ddos'd by that guy who got my ip? 

It's the only way to change your modems IP

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If you want a good VPN you have to pay for it. I've heard hide.my.a** is good. There's also hide.me, and that's free with 150MB of data going through it..

Changing your external IP can only be done via your ISP. Hiding your external IP is the only option outside of your ISP (hence, VPN).

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If you have a router between you and the modem, you can reset your IP and force DHCP to give you a new IP. The process works like so:

Log into router, go to WAN tab, change the MAC clone settings to a new MAC address, then reboot the router after saving. While it's rebooting, unplug the modem power. Wait like 20-30 seconds, then plug it back in once the router is back up. After that, your ISP will see a new MAC address on the network, but recognize the Modems MAC, and force a new IP to be set to allow the new rotuers MAC address onto the network.

If directly connected to the modem(this is not a good idea, since you have no firewall now in front of you and the internet and not behind NAT) then you have to look into your network cards settings and see if you can change it's MAC address. Some let you directly in the NIC settings, others require a registry edit and reboot, while others can use tools to do it. Personally, I do it in the NIC settings for the card, most have this ability. To do this, change the nic settings while the modem's power is unplugged, then plug it back in after you've changed the workstations mac address. You will need to restart the network card as well or issue ipconfig /restart , but usually stopping and startign the card completely is needed.

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