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Parrot vs Kali


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Personally, I do mine in a VM as well, I download the ISO to the Kali VM and work on it from there to my thumb drives. I keep a few versions of ISO's on there depending on if I need UEFI for 2017.1 KDE or plain DOS booting needs with 2016.1 Gnome. You could put any ISO on there, but persistence needs to be configured for the other OS's, which shouldn't be to hard to do with a modification of the same steps.

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Wanted to add that I run ParrotOS on my Raspberry Pi 2 also.  Not because of preference, but because I happen to be looking at it at the time.  In my opinion, when it comes to the Pi, either Kali or Parrot will work as in most cases the Pi will be used as a portable RAT so having a non-root user login is not as important since you will want to be root when you access it.  Most of the stuff you will be doing on it like tunnels will require root.  I used kali and am trying out Parrot for the past month on the Pi, both are equally good though parrot takes more manual stuff to get it going on the pi (like you have no desktop until you resize the partition, doing gparted from other OS to SD did not work but SSH to running Pi and you can run raspi-config as sudo to resize partition and reboot to get gui on hdmi.)  You also have to hand do time zone and remember to change both the default parrot password (default is parrot:parrot) and do a password change for root.  Kali just requires the password change for root which is the only account running.  Also both you should redo the ssh keys for the server.

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I'm not a professional hacker nor claim to be anything close . But I prefer parrot os because it used to be less buggy then Kali. Armitage worked out of the box with a single click. Now Kali is equally great in my opinion and the new update to Kali makes it super easy to install Nvidia cuda.

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