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  1. thanks for the ideas. I might try a quad opera if I can find someone who's got one. depending on how high I need to go I might just use the poll idea .
  2. My plan was to strap a phone to a weather balloon and call it and listen for the ring .
  3. My last question was answered so well I thought I throw another one at you guys. Has anyone used a balloon for receiving radio signals? (4g, wifi, tv or whatever else) i moved and now live behind a ridge, the AT&T tower is a stubby piece of crap like maybe 40 ft tall and can't go beyond the ridge. i bought a 4g booster/repeater and I figured the best way I could test it would be a balloon, before I put up a tower. if anyone has tried this with something similar I would be very interested to hear what type of balloon and any tricks you have. thank you
  4. Berry ubiquiti i awesome i will try them out. thank you for the info.
  5. Barry, dig and haze. thanks for all the help I have allot of good options now. ill look into open air systems such as laser or ghz radio. its going to be in like -20 f deg temperatures so I might call up a few companies and get some prices. I will also research the 2 amazon links and see what luck people have had overall.
  6. actually here is a site with exactly what I'm trying to do. they recommend this crazy rf antenna or the laser optical http://www.lightpointe.com/video---security-backhaul-1.html
  7. I did find this which might be a very good option https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free-space_optical_communication ir laser communication. seems like a viable option. cannon looks like they made a budget model a few years ago. Has anyone used these? Canobeam-DT-120-Type-SFP-DT-MNG100
  8. Barry: it' not a neighborhood its a country road with a mile long drive way, so figured they would be on the same subnet as they are the only two houses connected to the line which I know for sure is the same line. I would love to pay for 2 subscriptions to an fast isp but dal is the only option for this location. ethernet over power line seems interesting, high voltage lines I think require a service which I doubt is offered but Maybe there is a low voltage line connecting the dsl boosters or something. anyone think its even possible to use the dsl line if they are on the same line? thanks for you help guys
  9. I'd be transferring video signals probably via udp so ping isn't a huge issue. out here in the boondocks trees kill wifi signals and running power lines 5000 feet to create a mesh network would be not fun. I thought about running a fiber line but I don't have 5k laying around. But it could be a last resort option. I agree the phone company is nuts for running a dsl line that far, I get a transfer rate of about 1 megabit but that going all the way back to the main hub which is miles away. I would be curious to test what transfer rate I would get on the line it self from house a to house b but I'm not even sure how to hook it up. Forgive my ignorance in dsl but how would I even get an ip without using the telephones companies modem? paying for service on 1 of them or both of them is an option too I'm not trying to be cheap I just thought It might be redundant if they were on the same sub network.
  10. It's kinda unique situation. House A is near the main road. House B is 5000 feet away from it down a private road with no other houses, but does have a few boosters. So I would image they are on the same subnet.
  11. I'm not a professional hacker nor claim to be anything close . But I prefer parrot os because it used to be less buggy then Kali. Armitage worked out of the box with a single click. Now Kali is equally great in my opinion and the new update to Kali makes it super easy to install Nvidia cuda.
  12. Hello, I was asked a question and had no answer as I am just not old enough to have participated in the good old days of dial up internet. If two houses are next to each other and a dsl line runs to them both can the two houses communicate without a subscription to the phone company? And is it legal? Sorry if this is a stupid question but my knowledge of phone networks is limited. Thank you
  13. Is there a reason why hid attacks dont use copy and past? Like open cmd /open notepad /open txt from usb/ copy/ past to cmd/ ? is there a possibility that AV would detect the malicious code in the clipboard? Thanks -- lost my old account -thedeadhand
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