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Bully and Pixiewps?


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Okay i read it.
But thats next problem, setup the pineapple in windows worked

But had problems to do the same in kali.

Started wp6.sh

Used Guided Setup

Step 1 Default gateway reportet as Use the above reportet gateway?


Step 2 Internet interface reportet as WLAN 0 Use the above reportet gateway?


Step 3 please connect the wifi pineapple.

And then i see only ".........." it look likes searching the pineapple. but it stop not, search always


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i am beginner, sorry :unsure:

Ah thanks. Okay Network and pineapple works now on kali.

Opened ssh terminal.

But how can download the libcabfile directly to the pineapple? with "wget" it download only the index.html.

Then tried to download to kali desktop. but dont know how copy that from there to the pineapple :/


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