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Hi guys,

I actually work on another payload and i want to add some control sequence in order to reduce and move my terminal window (Control sequence). I have some issue with the character \ and [ that become a reversed exclamation mark and a {.

Any idea on how to solve this issue ? (i already try to use keycode)


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On 7/26/2017 at 3:06 PM, quentin.lamamy said:

issue solved, i have to create a new json that match the osx keyboard layout (i don't know how but i need), until i learn how to create a new keyboard layout i just change the system keyboard layout to a classic FR PC Azerty

Not sure if that is actually the issue as there are many other Mac users here and they seem fine with it..

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13 hours ago, quentin.lamamy said:

This issue exist only in the case you try to print some particular character. Someone get the same issue and send me a PM

You misunderstand - the issue lies with the keyboard language, yes, but others have been able to fix this issue because it's not only to do with Mac. I can set my keyboard language to FR and my Bunny language to US and I'll get similar problems. You just need to match them.

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My BB is set in FR and my system in OSX keyboard FR.

And this issue is resolved when the BB is set to FR and my system keyboard to PC Keyboard FR

conclusion i need to set my BB to FR (OSX) and my system to OSX keyboard FR

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Hi (yes i know i disappear 6 year ago ^^)
I just found my bash bunny under a furniture (seems that cat love bashbunny 🙂 ) I have some time and a beer so i plug it in, update it and just see that logically i still have the issue. I just found a start of work on a fr-FR-mac BB layout file in one of my folder, i will try to finish it and post it.

@Dave-ee Jones When i finish should i post here or PR on github as new language ?

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