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BASH BUNNY Help Needed =(


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Hey everyone, I just got the Bash Bunny in the mail today, and I'm confused just a little bit here.
I'm not sure what firmware I'm on, I am assuming 1.0. How do I check? And if I am on 1.0, do I upgrade directly to 1.3?

Any help/links to guide me in the right direction is welcomed and very much appreciated. Thanks guys!

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On the bashbunny storage or root there should be a version.txt to give you an idea of installed firmware. At the moment you can go directly from 1.0 to 1.3 without needing 1.2. Also the wiki has lots of information to get you up and running with the basics, https://wiki.bashbunny.com/#!index.md check out the downloads with changelogs for the versions/change history.

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11 hours ago, Rkiver said:



Might be of some more use, with a good few guides too, also the wiki is a great place to search.

Was just about to say that.

This is a question asked by EVERYONE who gets a Bash Bunny. Obviously the first place to check is the Bash Bunny forums :)

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