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Frustratingly erratic WIFI Nano


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I'm experiencing no end of issues with the Nano, it just seems to behave completely erratically. I have it connected via two usb leads and have latest firmware installed but everything just seems hit and miss whether they will work  or not that it's becoming pretty useless to use.

Some examples:

Trying to clear all MAC addresses in the Filters screen. No can do, I click the clear filters drop down but they dont get cleared.

Internet connectivity seems very up and down, one minute I select to load bulletins and it does, the next not.

Sslsplit has two files in history, but both show as "empty log..". I select delete but they do not get removed. No files are shown for successful Sslsplit captures I have carried out.

I am struggling to get client devices to connect and it seems really hit and miss. Presumably proximity affects the success rate although I am getting the occasional near and far device connect but the majority dont at all.

Modules seem hit or miss as to whether they start or not. For instance, selecting start on sslsplit sometimes results in the button just returning to green rather than the red stop buttons when it is activated. Other times the button goes red indicationg sslstrip is running and yet output indicates "sslsplit is not running".

If you wanted a module to auto run on startup, surely this means its hit and miss whether it actually has or not?

I appreciate these things can be a bit hit and miss, but this is so erratic that I am struggling to learn the device and understand what to expect from it, analyse results etc.. Hours of time fault finding and just trying to get connection fir a dribble of data just prevent it being worthwhile.

Am I doing something wrong or are these 'quirks' I should expect from the Nano.

Any advice really would be appreciated.

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If your having that many problems with the latest firmware, then I suggest you do a factory reset and format the sd card again try over.  Ive had issues that have resloved themselves from just a factory reset.  give that a try and let me know what you get.  Also if your using this against your home network, then getting clients is very hit and miss because most of your devices will connect to the home network vs an OpenAP most likely.  

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