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  1. Hi, My Tetra seems to be unresponsive since trying to update to firmware v2.0.2. I downloaded the firmware to my Windows PC, connected via USB and changed ip address and netmask to192.168.1.2 Then connected to via Firefox and 'Firmware Update' page loaded correctly. Browsed to downloaded firmware and selected 'Update Firmware'. The page then changed to indicate the firmware had been uploaded and please wait etc... The Tetra LED just stayed constant yellow for over 30 minutes. Now on power up, it just stays constant yellow and holding down the reset button doesnt initiate factory reset. I am still able to connect to it via and select to update firmware and it will state it has uploaded and then it just hangs again. Is there any other way I can connect while it's in this state? Many Thanks
  2. Really appreciate that esa, I'll give that a go. Maybe console is the way forward. I'll treat it to another firmware flash aswell, it's had a few but maybe its been hit and miss whether it's installed correctly.
  3. Can't even delete modules now! Come on guys, step up the mark, perhaps you should focus on getting the products you have already sold to customers in decent shape before turning your back on them to focus on bringing in more money with the next product. Alternatively, if you dont provide after sales support could you provide me with a product thats stable out of the box.
  4. Yep, my Nano is pretty useless to me right now with such erratic behaviour. Where is the product support? No updates provided in months and so unstable, 75% of my time is spent fault finding rather than playing with the product. Seems pretty worthless to me. When you consider it's sold as a tactical field device, it seems pretty ridiculous. How could this be used in the field when it's so unreliable. You would get home every time to find no data or it had locked up! I only bought it for experimenting at home, but it's just a nano doorstop right now. How a product can be sold like this with so many bugs and no with no proactive work be provided to iron out these bugs is beyond me. Can someone recommend a stable firmware please. Alternatively, if as stated above only a small subset of your users experience bugs perhaps I could have my unit replaced with one that works in the same manner as the large subset who dont experience bugs!
  5. Hi, I'm experiencing no end of issues with the Nano, it just seems to behave completely erratically. I have it connected via two usb leads and have latest firmware installed but everything just seems hit and miss whether they will work or not that it's becoming pretty useless to use. Some examples: Trying to clear all MAC addresses in the Filters screen. No can do, I click the clear filters drop down but they dont get cleared. Internet connectivity seems very up and down, one minute I select to load bulletins and it does, the next not. Sslsplit has two files in history, but both show as "empty log..". I select delete but they do not get removed. No files are shown for successful Sslsplit captures I have carried out. I am struggling to get client devices to connect and it seems really hit and miss. Presumably proximity affects the success rate although I am getting the occasional near and far device connect but the majority dont at all. Modules seem hit or miss as to whether they start or not. For instance, selecting start on sslsplit sometimes results in the button just returning to green rather than the red stop buttons when it is activated. Other times the button goes red indicationg sslstrip is running and yet output indicates "sslsplit is not running". If you wanted a module to auto run on startup, surely this means its hit and miss whether it actually has or not? I appreciate these things can be a bit hit and miss, but this is so erratic that I am struggling to learn the device and understand what to expect from it, analyse results etc.. Hours of time fault finding and just trying to get connection fir a dribble of data just prevent it being worthwhile. Am I doing something wrong or are these 'quirks' I should expect from the Nano. Any advice really would be appreciated.
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