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sending to europe?


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On 4/8/2017 at 7:02 PM, ZeroHero said:


can i ordner the pineapple also to europe? Germany?

Or someone have bad experience with it?

Think it need an CE-Certificate for get no problems..


Do not order your own so far.I'm still struggling with the border customs and I will pay the double price of the product.Also avoid DHL, UPS etc only with usps . Its a nightmare, Will keep you updated

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Ok so here is an update.Went to the airport to find the DHL guys, expenses in gas 48km, paid the tolls of 5,60 euros and when I got there the employ told me that I should have called earlier in order to arrange my pickup.He told I should call in the next morning talk to them, arrange a pick up and then go to the airport again and attempt to take my item.Which means more personal time, more gas 48km and pay the tolls again.So far I know I will pay an extra 105,50 euro + 24% vat + fee. And on top of that all the previous expenses plus items value.Yeaayyyy

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