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  1. Just did.Had to format two times until it was recognized by nano.Seems stable so far.Thank you
  2. can you describe a step by step of what you are doing so we can help
  3. So all this comes down to the fact that the sd card is not mounting properly.I noticed that several other people have the same problem so will look into that
  4. Bought an extension today but with now power enhancer...damn it
  5. Great will have that in mind and check it as an option
  6. Will definitely do.Thinking of buying a new SD card like the ones you recommended in my other post.Thank you
  7. thank you dustbyter!looks great
  8. Since I'm one of the people struggling with mounting the SD card I decided to start this topic with a list of SD cards which might not work with the nano.Maybe this index will point which SD cards might not be the best option for the nano. Mine is a 32GB transcend HC I sometimes it mounts but most times it doesn't
  9. oh yes...guess I'm not the only one...has anyone found a solution?
  10. So it seems that all along the problem was that the SD card doesn't mount properly sometimes.You have to take out the SD card refresh and then insert it again go to another tab wait for a bit and the return to the usb tab.It should be mounted.If you don't see it try to refresh and repeat the process.When its mounted it see all the installed modules so I'm very close to understand how this works
  11. OK so managed to format the card in windows and the back to linux (dnt ask why) via the interface and still it didn't mount.i refreshed the browser and the it showed it was mounted.Went straight to the modules section and there it was.Hope I will not loose the files again...hope it helps anyone with the same problems
  12. Ok so I found out that the sd is not mounted.I checked that several people in the forum have or had the same problem...any ideas?
  13. It's a 32gb transcend HCI https://www.transcend-info.com/Products/No-361
  14. no it does it again...no sd card option...damn...do you thing it might be a compatibility issue with the sd cards?
  15. exactly the same.Will check on it and let you know.Thank you for that
  16. Just got my nano finally and got a nice SD card which formatted from the nano interface.When I try to install any of the modules I get no "install to SD" option.Tried to factory reset and done the same thing several times but I never seem to get the option. Any help would be appreciated ok this is crazy.As soon as I stopped typing this I tried once again to install a module and I got the SD option
  17. Glad to hear you got good results so far.And yeah the Phantom 4 P is a great bird
  18. of course as long as he has the time for trial and error go for it
  19. Why spent so much time on building something in which you are not sure its going to work? I would recommend go for the dji and check https://pix4d.com/ Also buying used equipment is a great solution as there are people selling their almost new drones for newer models.
  20. For those who are interested in ordering items in Europe.Well don't do it by yourself. you'll probably end up paying way more than the actual price.Saw it a bit late but check the European shop first https://shop.edutechireland.com/ Trust me it will save you tons of time and money
  21. Ok so here is an update.Went to the airport to find the DHL guys, expenses in gas 48km, paid the tolls of 5,60 euros and when I got there the employ told me that I should have called earlier in order to arrange my pickup.He told I should call in the next morning talk to them, arrange a pick up and then go to the airport again and attempt to take my item.Which means more personal time, more gas 48km and pay the tolls again.So far I know I will pay an extra 105,50 euro + 24% vat + fee. And on top of that all the previous expenses plus items value.Yeaayyyy
  22. Wish I had seen it before
  23. Do not order your own so far.I'm still struggling with the border customs and I will pay the double price of the product.Also avoid DHL, UPS etc only with usps . Its a nightmare, Will keep you updated
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