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Fixing "There's a problem with the drive" Issue


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So I am not sure what I did but I am not getting a "There's a problem with the drive. Scan the drive now and fix it." message when the bunny loads up. This is causing an issue that after my script runs the message still remains until I remove the drive. Is there a way to correct this? 

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I have also found a way to remove the dirty bit in windows.

It requires some hex editing.


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If you want to do this the easy way, simply serial / SSH into your Bash Bunny and execute the following command:

  • For firmware v1.1: reformat_udisk
  • For Firmware v1.2+: udisk reformat

That will ensure that the partition is cleaned and formatted correctly. Please note that it will delete all files that are not there by default from the mass storage partition.

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I had to look for this just so I can have it in my options for cleaning up the hidden partition for the payloads.  I think a list of tools in the BB that can help clean it up and stuff should be pinned to the top of this forum and added to when new system tools become available on the BB.  The reformat disk thing can come in handy because I seen windows complain about usb sticks all the time, even ones that were properly ejected.  Windows is such a pre-Madonna.

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