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bb.sh too many iptables issue


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Hey guys, been trying to get the internet connection to share through Ubuntu-gnome 16.04.  The ./bb.sh script runs into an error when I use guided setup.  Everything works until I get to [C] to connect.  I get an error "too many iptables" and I lose internet.  Restarting my computer fixes this, but I have gone through and set the default gateway to multiple other numbers and get the same error.  Any ideas? 

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No advice? I've tried advanced setup, using defaults. I still cannot get the bashbunny online. Looking at the bb.sh script my error is being caused by something between line 279 and 287. I'm guessing I lose my internet connection because the default route gets deleted, and when it gets added back in maybe there is a conflict?  The guided setup uses the same default gateway as the login ip for my router, could that be the issue? Any ideas would be great, man pages are only confusing me.

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Try disabling your firewall then run it. I had this problem with the pineapple wp6.sh and I had to disable my firewall

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4 minutes ago, TeCHemically said:

Where can I download bb.sh?


As stated in the BashBunny Wiki:

Sharing an Internet Connection with the Bash Bunny from Linux

  1. Download the Internet Connection Sharing script from bashbunny.com/bb.sh
  2. Run the bb.sh connection script with bash as root
  3. Follow the [M]anual or [G]uided setup to configure iptables and routing
  4. Save settings for future sessions and [C]onnect
wget bashbunny.com/bb.sh
sudo bash ./bb.sh
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45 minutes ago, coredump said:

Hey guys, has the link for the bb.sh changed? I got a 404 when i've tried to download it...

No it seems to be offline same as https://downloads.lanturtle.com/turtle-4.bin   https://bashbunny.com/downloads

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