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Hi guys, 


I am considering purchasing a Pineapple Tetra. I searched out the forums for most of my answers but I do have a question about the range.  How strong of a signal does the Tetra give off as far as distance (when in AP mode)?  How great is the tetra at AP (SSID) discovery?  


Can it's AP signal and (SSID) discovery range compete with an Alfa wireless card such as these two (A) (B)?




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1 hour ago, barry99705 said:

The tetra has built in amps so you should see better range with it.  I've not used the first alfa you linked, but have a clone of the second.  My nano has better range than that, and the tetra has better range than the nano, so hopefully that helps a little.

That actually helps a lot.  Very useful information!

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