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  1. A post on facebook says to go the the hak5 shop and sign up for their email to get news on the Black Friday sale.
  2. I think Hak5 starts the sale really really late like on thanks giving day or the Friday after.
  3. Yeah, I wasn't referring to hak5. Just the fact that importing something costs so much extra.
  4. Wow that sucks. Such a high price just to get a simple item. Maybe they will sell on Amazon in the future.
  5. That actually helps a lot. Very useful information!
  6. I know it depends on the antenna's being used, but what can I expect out the box versus and Alfa wireless adapter with stock antenna. Both devices placed in the same spot, nothing more added.
  7. Hi guys, I am considering purchasing a Pineapple Tetra. I searched out the forums for most of my answers but I do have a question about the range. How strong of a signal does the Tetra give off as far as distance (when in AP mode)? How great is the tetra at AP (SSID) discovery? Can it's AP signal and (SSID) discovery range compete with an Alfa wireless card such as these two (A) (B)? Thanks.
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