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How to connect Yaggi to Nano?


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The nano has a rp-sma connection, the yaggi from the hakshop has an sma connection.  You need a RP-SMA to SMA adapter to hook them up together.  The hakShop used to sell them individually but I think they only come with the LONG RANGE WIFI BOOSTER KIT now.  Which isn't a bad option.  You can use the Yaggi for directed for one of the wlans and then use the booster on the other so the investment would work out fairly well.  I've had them both on the nano and it works great however you have to remember the booster needs power from a usb as well so either the usb on the nano will be taken or you'll want a battery pack that has two ports for the nano power and for the booster.

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The topic is old but I do not wont to make a new because question is about connecting external antenna to NANO.

Which SMA connector is to which WLAN interface? I will use wlan1mon and to which SMA connector should I connect external antenna?

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