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  1. No probs - its a great community here :)
  2. Hi - I used Kali on VirtualBox and recall you had to 'bridge' the network adaptor in order to connect to the internet . When you ping/traceroute from the VM - where does it stop/fail ?
  3. It runs on Windows :) . As you know , Kali can do all that the Pineapple can do . Your laptop may not have a decent wireless card , so it has this advantage (along with a more user friendly interface for those not 'au fait' with the command line) .
  4. Thanks b0N3z , appreciate your feedback . I inserted an SD card into the NANO as I had run out of storage , I followed a guide on this forum of how to 'perm' mount the card , but when I disconnect/reconnect the NANO , the SD card is not recognised , until I remove/insert .
  5. Big thanks guys , much appreciated . One last question -do I need 'female-female' connector , as the yaggi and nano points are standing proud :) ?
  6. I had the same problem - make sure you are on the Pineapple wifi network , you will then be able to access SSH . Strangely you can access the Web GUI being on the other network . I have ran on Windows and Kali - Kali requires the 'wp6.sh' script to be run everytime , Windows will not mount the SD card , unless you remove and re-insert .
  7. Hi , I bought the Yaggi from Hak5 along with Nano - anyone advise how to connect ? Is it just a female to male adaptor ? TIA
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