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  1. I haven't read it myself, but they do have this: https://shop.hak5.org/collections/hak5-field-guide-books/products/wifi-pineapple-field-guide Plus what's really nice about the pineapple IMO and linux in general is you pretty much get the terms you need to google to find out more about what you have at your finger tips. There's tons of step by step guides and videos on all the bits of the pineapple and the other things you can do with the pineapple all over the internet. Don't just limit it to pineapple videos, but take the tool that you're looking at that's on the pineapple and look at
  2. For your question: Bash bunny is basically a linux arm computer in usb form, with some nice switching and scripting baked in. If you've looked into something like a USB Armory, it's basically the same thing but specialized OS, scripting and switching options built in. Anything you can do with a USB connected computer (network over usb, flash storage, usb keyboard are some of the primary emulation options). The biggest options for attacks are basically providing a network and attacking over that protocol or usb keyboard and operating in the same way a usb rubber ducky does. It's a 100
  3. I think that will work but you aren't going to get a lot of time out of it with ~3000mah https://www.amazon.com/Anker-PowerCore-High-Speed-Technology-Smartphones/dp/B01EKXR67M/ that's what I use for mine and that's what they started offering in the elite pack i think too since it fits so nice in that tactical case, but you are paying for the slim size so if you don't need to fit it in one of those cases i'd go for one of the following two for similar pricing yet still very compact https://www.amazon.com/Anker-PowerCore-Ultra-Compact-10000mAh-Compatible/dp/B072MH1434/ that one is a nice sma
  4. It's more closely related to the wifi pineapple nano. The tera has 4 antenna and 5ghz support. I forgot to mention there is a beta firmware they released that updates it to the new interface style which is much better, again not sure of the status of it since I gave my mk4 to a friend a long time ago.
  5. https://wiki.wifipineapple.com/legacy/#!reset.md Also that's not the Tetra, WifiPineppple MKv4 I believe it was called. There was also some posts about the modules not working from the pineapple bar because they changed their infrastructure or something so you may have to just install packages manually or search the forum to see what others figured out about it.
  6. The biggest fix they made was to include the plug, that should be providing more than enough power for it. The nice thing for me on tactical was the patches, but I see they've changed to the shoulder bag (which is nice i have one, but i do prefer the backpack i got on the initial release more though), and they gave you an Anker battery (that's awesome!!). I'm not sure that one alone will power the Tetra, but it might with the powerIQ stuff and using both the plugs on the y-cable. I'll do some testing and report back what I find since I have that model as well.
  7. Oh I know, that's why I use Anker batteries! I've tested numerous different brands between my years of playing Ingress and more recently along side it Pokemon Go. They are the only ones that consistently charge and allow me to continue playing at the same time with my phone. Even they however I don't fully expect to get the full amps they claim, because there's all kinds of variables that go into it. If you get their highest amp output ones (claiming 4-6 amps out) though I've never had a problem running my Tetra on those. Again I never rely on just one, multiple ones go to power the
  8. I don't like math so I don't even attempt the calculations for wattage, plus those specs for usb connections are variable from what i've found with a usb amp detection device from system to system same specs. There was an entire thread about running the tetra from battery packs that they included on the initial shipment and it rebooting periodically. This was solved for me by having 4 anker battery packs with above 4amp output ratings attached to two y-cables (also included on initial shipments out), plus I can run my tetra for almost 48 hours continuously (real life testing) with the am
  9. The tetra requires a lot of power, are you using both the y-cables it came with for both usb-micro ports? I normally find I use a couple battery packs on one y-cable and then use two usb ports on the computer, sometimes just one port on the computer and a third battery pack. Otherwise travel plugs to adapt the US plug are pretty cheap.
  10. You could probably do it right now with Easy2Boot, i'll see if i can test it out tonight
  11. I use 4 Anker of various sizes on the both y-cables and I've gotten a solid 48 hours of PineAP and scan-to-logs out of it. The nice thing about this, is when a battery pack dies (I have one of the 13500 and it drains prior to the ones that are 20000+), I can swap it out with another battery pack or two and start recharging them.
  12. Nano only does 2.4ghz unless you use a usb adapter that supports 5ghz. The tetra does both 2.4g and 5 ghz with it's internal cards.
  13. The nano has a rp-sma connection, the yaggi from the hakshop has an sma connection. You need a RP-SMA to SMA adapter to hook them up together. The hakShop used to sell them individually but I think they only come with the LONG RANGE WIFI BOOSTER KIT now. Which isn't a bad option. You can use the Yaggi for directed for one of the wlans and then use the booster on the other so the investment would work out fairly well. I've had them both on the nano and it works great however you have to remember the booster needs power from a usb as well so either the usb on the nano will be taken or you'l
  14. I would start by searching the forums here, then fall back to google. For your example there is a main thread for that module in particular: https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/37369-official-occupineapple/#comment-271259 And if you search google, there are a few more items explaining it's usage (even a hak5 episode on it though it may be for an older pineapple version most concepts will still apply) https://www.hak5.org/episodes/hak5-1210 Otherwise most of the modules are well known linux tools that you can google and you'll know how to use them based off all the other inf
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