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wpa2 handshake not capturing

vibby 47

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I've dual booted Kali Linux in my laptop.

I tried to hack my WiFi password for the first time and was successful at it but from the second time on wards,

I'm getting this problem wherein I'm not able to capture handshakes.  No matter how many deauths i send and how many times i repeat it,

still I'm not getting a handshake. Could there have been any mistake I might have did in the first time so that there could be these handshake errors occurring ?

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Are there clients connected to kick off with the deauth?

Are you sniffing on the right channel?

Are you channel hopping and missing the handshake

Are you running the deauth on the right channel?

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In  which case, fire up wireshark and watch the traffic. You'll see your deauth packets and you should see the authentication (EAPOL) packets straight after them, they will be the handshake. See how far you get.

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Are you getting back ACKs in both columns when deauthing?

05:04:05  Sending 64 directed DeAuth. STMAC: [xx:1B:xx:46:xx:xx] [52| 45 ACKs]


I have a script that does the deauthing until a handshake is found. (with pauses between deauths)

If I don't get a handshake in 4-5 minutes, I probably won't.

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you may be sending the deauths too close together or too many too quickly. you only need send a few at a time, and wait for nodes to reconnect.  sometimes the opposite can happen, where it will say it has the handshake, and when run through aircrack, it will fail because it was only partial due to deauths intertupting the 4 way handshake capture. I've had that happen. just wait, run again, and wait a bit, and then do it again without stopping your sniffer or airodump-ng. airodump-ng is usually pretty quick to spot them though.

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