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Heh yeah, there's a few more strings that come up with those kinds of cameras too, it's cool, I used to watch them all the time, sometimes I'd look up the IP location and work out what the image was showing or where it was and save it to watch later... a little voyeuristic but fun none the less :D

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If you go onto http:johnny.ihackstuff.com they have loads of google searches that can bring up usernames and passwords for certain things, and even take you to some dumbass people %SYSTEMROOT% folder where you can totally free roam and do what the hell you like.

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Yeh, there was like an ice cream shop and I watched a couple of girls serving ice cream and stuff to customers for ages.
OMG tell me when thts back XD

Some asian icecream bar :)

Found some traffic cams too, Looks quite cool'


Found a budist temple (i think) with audio.


Just went back too the icecream cam. Theres a guy thats been standing there for over 10 minutes. Hard to decide what icecream he wants? :lol:

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