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Configuring Wireless Settings for Mac Computers


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Basically, I have successful set up the wifi pineapple nano and connected to my macbook pro.
However, once the connection is made, I am unable to aces the internet from my macbook. Does

anyone know how I can fix this or what the correct setup is for a mac?

WifiPineapple Nano Version 1.0.1

Macbook Pro with OSX 10.11.14


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Check the forums for ICS with MAC OSx, a very good treatise was written a few months ago.  I also recently viewed a nice update that was in the TETRA thread.  The real issue is Port forwarding and several odd settings that OSx locks up by default.  Look in the web site"Stackoverflow" for info about Disabling System Integrity so you can make changes in ICS and PF.  Just for simplicity and for my work, my Macbook Air is set up to dual boot with Kali Linux2.0 and that solves the problem entirely.  If I really need to run OSx and need my pineapple I us VMware or even VMbox depending on the other applications I'm rolling.

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