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  1. I noted slow/no loading of modules the other day, I walked away for a couple hours then attempted again. I began to retry some of the modules and low and behold every thing loaded. I have a sneaking suspicion the whole issue might be related to the problem with the openwrt hosting site.
  2. Just to follow up, I think reflashing the Nano finally got me back to a stable situation. Works great with my Kali2.0 on VMware and my Samsung tablet is properly syncing up once again. No clue, must have interrupted something at the wrong time? I'm enjoying the portability of the Nano, trying to figure out how to share info between my Nano and my shiny new Tetra at this point. More fun!
  3. Sorry that took so long, Overtime at work and all that! Any who...tried your suggestion Darren and this is what I ended up with. After doing a complete re-flash of my Nano two or three times. I hooked up my Nano and started my VM This was using Oracle Vbox running Kali 2.0 live on a 2011 MacBook Air 11 iCore5 flying El Capitain 10.11.13. http://imgur.com/EyvxoeK Am I totally borked, or just a goober?
  4. Maybe it's just me, but when we updated the wp6.sh to version 6.4 my Kali 2.0 on Oracle VBox has just gone totally wonky. I can't seem to get my Nano to work with the new connector at all. I go through the guided install it sees my Nano asks what I'd like to do...I choose connect and .....Nothing! It tries to ping and it just endlessly hangs. Read a recommendation on another thread and downloaded VMware. Gave that a try with the same results. Thinking on this, I am using the same Kali2.0 64 bit .iso for both Vbox and VMware. My conundrum is I've tried it on both my MacPro 8 core tower a
  5. Seems similar to the functionality from Kismet to me.... wonder if anyone is working on a module for that?
  6. Darren and all at the Hak5 shop have been awesome as far as the support for both the hardware and the software updates. I'm still feeling no love from the automated shipping update email system though. Checked my spam filters and all that, I did get my notice when the Tetra shipped out, but never received any notice about the delay. Now I've contacted sipping about a second battery since my Tetra shipped with a single unit. Basically I'm trying to make sure I've made contact in the correct manner. I'm certainly blown away with the Nano compared to my old Mk4, can't wait to fire up my Te
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