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Orange Pi 2 plus


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I have been looking at this now for a couple days and Im going to get one for the simple fact of gigabyte ethernet. Im using a raspberry pi 2 as a home file server with an external hdd for storage. I noticed that it has wifi and a wifi antenna plug to attach an antenna. Ive seen a lot of places that say not to start a device without the antenna connected because it can damage the device. Would not connecting an antenna to this damage it in any way?

Or does anybody know of any better device this size to play around with. Not nessesarly for a NAS just in general? This seems to be the best I have found so far for something this size.

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The Orange Pi is by far the cheapest of the lot. The problem with the orange pi 2 range is that the just assumed the sunxi Linux devs who currently support the AllWinner CPU-based devices in a decidedly admirable way would 'just' support the H3 CPU too. The Orange Pi folks did some local mods to a kernel to make the thing work in at least 1 configuration but by the time I stopped looking still hadn't bothered to get any of that work into the sunxi official kernel. Their wiki entry is kind of telling with quotes such as "works quite well on 3.4 kernel [...] but without support for onboard Wi-Fi module", "On kernel 4.x it is possible to boot a Linux, but drivers are not working" and "The 1.6GHz seem to be specified mainly for marketing reasons. Expect problems when trying to run the device at this frequency under constant load, e.g. overheating. ~1.2GHz is probably a more realistic figure."

If you're looking for a device that Just Works (tm), go for one based on the AllWinner A20 instead. The PcDuino 3 range is quite allright, but you need to keep an eye on the network abilities. The ones with Wifi might be limited to 100MBit and their wifi will be fixed to the board with a fairly meagre antenna by what I expect to be your standards. It's probably best to just grab a small board and have the wifi be provided via a USB device.

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