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HTTPS Meterpreter Connection failed


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I am experiencing a slight problem.

I used to use Kali Linux 1.1.0 and it was running very well.

So I chose to update to Kali Linux 2.0.0.

since my update to Kali 2.0.0 my Metasploit cannot establish a connection through the HTTPS Payload.

The connection will be accepted and will open but my PC will say "Session is not valid and will be closed"

if the connection gets established and stays open - (it sometimes works..) then my commands will not be executed.

I have already created a new payload with mfsvenom and it doesn't solve my problem.

Do you have any suggestions or experiences with this problem; and if yes can you please help me fix it.

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Let wireshark listen in on your connection. Maybe that will shed some light on the situation. Something that only works sometimes tends to be environment-specific rather than a problem with a program.

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