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Rasberry Pi Pentest Lab


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So I have some old computers laying around that I have a pentest lab with several VMs running on. However I can only run one or two at a time and I would like to expand my lab. I have been looking at the Rasberry Pi because of it's incredibly low cost but I don't really know much about it. I know these are out dated but I also know they are great for learning on. I currently have all of the De-Ice programs metasploitable and the Vulnerable web. I would like to get some Rasberry PIs and run one ISO per rasberry PI. I do not have to keep the rasbian OS on there if that is not required. Is this possible and is it as simple as changing the OS or would I have to run them in a VM? Any help on this or directions to a tutorial would be greatly appreciated. I know the question is a bit newbish but I have never even really looked at the PI and want to be fully informed before investing in a few.

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No... It's a processor compability question of your OSes... Raspi is ARM and not x86 or similar... You should have a look into that. You can find various distributions already finished for the Raspi but probably not any OS you want to pentest for other usage.

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i8igmac. Vbox is what I use right now but I can still only run 2 machines at a time. I was just thinking with the Rasberry Pi as cheap as it is if it would run them that would be a cheap way to run 4 or 5 at a time. I appreciate the help though everyone.

Also to the admins. For some reason it wont let me mark this thread as answered but in my opinion it can be marked as answered as NoTele has provided me with the answer that the rasberry Pi will not run my desired OS

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