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  1. I'm also a little bit disapointed =( Since I bought it a few month ago, there has not been any real developement for modules. I have no idea if there are modules available underground, but I also count only 6 =(
  2. Hey there... Is this already possible? Is there a build to create a drop device out of my raspi‘s? Or is it only the Raspi server? Looking forward to get these integrated as well 😃
  3. Okay maybe i'll give some more explanations... There is a site XY which belongs to a company i need to monitor. I dont have physical acces to their building, i dont have passwords for their network and i do not want to gain any of these! What can i do? As i said i would like to monitor when the ssid goes down. And it should be on a very fest recuring speed, does not need to be live but 1min should be at most of the timing it need to fullfill the test so almost instant alarming. You say get a router that does it? Any suggestions?
  4. Hey everybody... I‘ve got a security job where i need to monitor an Wlan Connection. It is not about cracking or getting into the network, but i nee an Alarm if an Acces Point breaks down! Has anybody an idea how to solve that? I‘ve been looking into various ideas but i haven‘t found a solution. And no breaking in is no option! Thanks in advance for any idea! Any help would be apreciated!
  5. Yeah I'm definetly waiting for the devices and as you might have noticed it's not only on 900mhz (yeah for the US) but here in Europe you're on 868 and in asia you're on 433... I'm wondering how controll will take place Anyway... I have no idea how SCADA devices work but that's another idea you got me onto... Any hint where i could find sme documentation for devices used here in Europe? And as a mather of fact I am also curious about the bandwith. But to manage an pineapple it should be enough!? Maybe SSH will also work but as you say... Curious to stay ahead in technologie is the main idea here
  6. Hey party people... Okay sorry but i am having troubles with my eth0 after the upgrade. Anyone else? Or what can i do to resolve this? My device is simply not using the ethernet anymore!? Plugin it into a router with DHCP is not a solution. Any suggestions how to fix it over the GUI? Or what do i need to do in the shell? How could i fix it to a static IP? In the old version you were able to change it but the new one does not have that possibility anymore =( In the Logs i get the following messages: Thu Aug 24 21:12:53 2017 kern.info kernel: [ 1854.440000] eth0: link up (100Mbps/Full duplex) Thu Aug 24 21:12:53 2017 kern.info kernel: [ 1854.440000] br-lan: port 1(eth0) entered forwarding state Thu Aug 24 21:12:53 2017 kern.info kernel: [ 1854.450000] br-lan: port 1(eth0) entered forwarding state Thu Aug 24 21:12:53 2017 daemon.notice netifd: Network device 'eth0' link is up Thu Aug 24 21:12:55 2017 kern.info kernel: [ 1856.450000] br-lan: port 1(eth0) entered forwarding state The device can only be connected to my network over Wlan which is not the way i would like it to be... I would be gratefull for any suggestion... Thanks in advance!
  7. Nope... Creating an own mobile network is not possible... Thay say you can vonnect up to 20 devices to one node but if you multiply it by devices you get the number. But aparently the guys from Sonnet got the idea that there could be a industrial need for their devices so there might be a following product. Emergency communications in regions which were hit by storms or similar situations are perfect for their use as well... Hacking is not on their radar i think as well =D
  8. You can connect to the Sonnet an USB-Ethernet Adapter. So you have no need to use any wifi at all and you can pass under the radar of wifi if needed =) Some companies / hotels or other places have special devices to detect & jam rogue acces points. So you might get the idea i'm gettin to...
  9. So i just wanted to point your attention to an Kickstarter project which i stumbled upon, which will be realised and where you can now get the devices for the end of the year on Indiegogo. I ordered a few of them and my idea is to place an Pineapple device in some location and to control it remotly over these devices =) They have mash capabilities and the main point is that they do communicate with each other over regular radio frequencies which gives it a possibility up to a few kilometers (depending where they are placed of course!). They only use Wlan to connect the local devices to the system, they have integrated batteries etc. So no need of an separate SIM card (additional regular costs) is my main idea. So if somebody should be interested in the idea you can find all the information here: Sonnet Page on Indiegogo It is only an idea that i wanted to share which could be of interest to guys doing pentesting or similar projects ;-) And by the way... They are working on a solution to offer higher power capabilities for HAM licensed users =)
  10. Sorry for the late answer but did you try out with an USB Stick? HD drives ofthen use to much energy and this might lead with a device (i mean the markV), which consumes about 500mA, to a power problem because the HD itself would again use as much energy!? So maybe you would give that a try...
  11. The issue should be resolved! I can confirm that the infusions were available 5 minutes ago on my MK5 and i was able to install all the 6 i tried out. Thanks!
  12. Raspi makes everything better
  13. =D I saw it on the Nano and was impressed! So i am looking forward to it... And when the Nano will have more infusions integrated, i'll get one of those too... I'm simply lovin your toys! Thanks for your work and for your products!
  14. No... It's a processor compability question of your OSes... Raspi is ARM and not x86 or similar... You should have a look into that. You can find various distributions already finished for the Raspi but probably not any OS you want to pentest for other usage.
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