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Using a nano to "fake" Internet access


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I have an odd use case and I'd like to employ my Pineapple.

I'd like to have connected clients think they have internet access, even though they won't.

For instance, I know when an iOS device connects to an access point, it pings captive.apple.com looking for the world "Success" to know if that connection has valid internet access and is not a captive portal requiring further steps to activate. Microsoft and Android have something similar that I would also want to emulate, although I haven't yet researched their exact details.

What would be the best way to emulate this on a nano? I presume I would need a DNS server, and a web server of some kind.

My end goal is to have clients connect to my Pineapple, then any request they make be answered and return no/random data.

Anyone done anything like this with a nano yet?

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Thanks dustbyter, that looks like a great start on exactly what I'm looking for.

I dropped it into my landing page and it's a good chunk of what I'd like to accomplish, thanks!


Mr. Mike,

I would love to see if not your exact use, something very close to what you accomplished utilizing the pineapple surprise code. If not, so be but it it will be greatly admired and appreciated by jerks around the world.

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