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PineAP Displaying Random Characters


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Using my TETRA last night, it was impressive on the amount of AP's found compared to my NANO. There was one AP it found that was a string of random characters. It was almost: }{|;$#@!#$. But it was like 40 characters long. Bug or clever SSID?


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Did you have the Occupineapple module turned on? If you don't select a list of BSSID's to broadcast, it will broadcast nonsense characters.


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It's because you have the module Occupineapple on as stated above. Happened to me too before. Provide it with a list of BSSIDs (BSSID is the MAC address, not the SSID name) and it will broadcast only thoes. Otherwise it will spam with non sense characters. I simple deleted that module and it went back to normal. I didn't know I could provide it with a list then. Now I know :)

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If you are in range of a nintendo 3ds yo will see this. in a place with 7 nintendo 3Ds's and a SplillPass pi setup I quickly got around 250 crazy SSID's in my pool. I had it set to rebroadcast and it was then rebroadcasting all these crazy SSID's.

This is with 7 Nintendo 3Ds's... They spit out these strings looking for other nintendo 3Ds's for what they call street pass's. It lets you know when you have come in range of other persons 3Ds and lets you see their Mii character. it seems to be blassting out the Mii characters file.
Maybe you came in contact with someone passing by with a 3Ds and thats what you're seeing.
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