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Nano with Stubby antenna's? (and/or dome antennas)


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Hi Again!

I have a question on antennas.

In built up urban area's I'd like to show as little as possible and want to try out some stubby antennas, will this cause any issue with the hardware?

Around 2.5cm (1inch) in size. In my head it should be fine, but after some better advise than me guessing.

I don't care about decreased range.

Also are dome's possible to use?

The below pics are just example photos.


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from the looks of it your trying to use FPV style antennas, just be sure to remember rp-sma same as right hand. I've plenty of FPV gear and antennas. and was wondering the same things as i've plenty. plus i plan on using my nano on my long range plane. "just for fun" of course all needs to have the proper separation from each antenna and channel. again as long as it is a tuned 2.4 you should be good.

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In addition to what CulinaryOutlaw said, those FPV style antennas are RHCP or LHCP cloverleafs with circular polarization. Keep in mind most devices has liner polarized antennas (vertical, horizontal or both). It probably won't make a huge deal in the real world, but if you're noticing reduced range it can be a factor.

Also FWIW if you're only doing passive scanning from aerial platforms like a RC planes or quadcopters, it won't interfere with typical 2.4 GHz Spektrum control signals ;-)

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