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  1. Sud0nick, yea I ended up going back through and doing just that to get it to work, manually changing it all back to get things working. I just wasn't sure if there was a way to fix that, or even download the image and re-name to a image file when encountered. Other than that, works great. Thanks,
  2. Sud0nick, i keep getting an error when trying to clone a portal. it will clone into /sd just fine (but) won't into root/portals. the error is cannot create long filename log.phphashUMjBvJEMznoh37FbK5Iesku72BXQnvzZOu0eHEw5Q9EG7eMjw6VzKVz3mBi5aXB4vt4uv1wxOq6NqDfTZLlvO2RGUqfl2UFrR6ZHtwTTq1e5dx82FlvZXZzq56keXL3syqZ2BEXWsJLrsU3w7Lt6x6IbvtGNOoqNWH1ebS4Q52BF4x0F9j2wLlaGp2ByiDj6AE0VzwRGx4zwXUZHucLcY7g7W2BUxeVi5ztfYkGj5ZqlRBIznf2B it will create in /sd/portals but can't move it to my root portal dir as that is my working dir. also the successfully cloned portal only shows a blank screen. looking at the page source it seems to insert the same file and hash as the img src as such. <img alt="not important image used for logging" src="resources/log.phphashUMjBvJEMznoh37FbK5Iesku72BXQnvzZOu0eHEw5Q9EFvOeFRtKUvLD1kiJHAS0kXl4OloSRyKVpOiO8Ix4Nl2F2FKWISOWHTMqry83Q1ttEpq2BrWBH7lmhxNfNs0tcfmy2F6ZJDLo16NF10c0Pq1WV0RXoDpNwbka5rzhoz8bB8XUSgDAPkQ22B2GprKVPGpsw2FyCK9Dh2BSFltXPEl2FPBSp82FthZSulpLS2FFH66qVpV3f" style="border:0"/> also <a class="_active" href="start.php?set_language=en&hash=VjvCi4HYZMYSbBLldZD%2FfGOq6YKgOIRGg%2Fuc11cn%2Bys0CYhCW1u1WkA426%2Fy6UZOKApn%2Fj1OQY5CEZIjKWb%2F4ODiitKkI7p3UnRq5ziLA8AlvgfdHiYChuACl0k7hE6KOR8vN%2FGkJ9L%2BZM8Wn4AG%2B0nnw1Y%2B9HJwEk%2F%2BR1RpZSaqbGK98lg2NSEyXKM3O7I%2FleAoqE8JBdY2pFWgpXwq1g%3D%3D"> from all this there is no useful portal cloned. I have tried cloning with all available options checked and unchecked with the same results. i'm using the nano for all this. any idea what may be going wrong? Thanks,
  3. sud0nick, great module. so far from what i've seen the form control for say activity log and such, don't inherit the custom css. so since i have white on black for my background and text, it's white on white. other than that, looks good so far.....
  4. one other thing i have noticed, when using https. (papers module for ssl) E.p. loses the live preview. may there be a fix for that in the next update.
  5. Newbi3, Awesome job, one thing i have also notice as well as the above. even after adding to the whitelist (and auto added to authorized) you are still directed through the portal and must authorize for internet use. also seems to still block some ports after going through which for capturing is not a problem but in the long term may raise some eyebrows. i.e. some irc ports , some ssh "sometimes" , again seemed to only notice this when i forgot i was still connected. so i'm not sure which others since those were my issue ones that i noticed by accident. ;-) (could be part of the same problem also, just thought i'd add) other than that, love it..... OutLaW
  6. Cheeto, I planned on posting a sample for you later on today when I have a chance to plug my nano in. I currently have two portals working and capturing data as well as authorizing clients, as Seb pointed out it is still a little buggy. I was hoping to get one more portal working before I posted the results as I wanted to make sure the way I've found is easily replicated, since it took me a little bit to get both working properly. But to get a few more working examples out there for others to test, I'll go ahead and post it up for you to try in the modules forum.
  7. I have been having the same issue installing the update as well, i haven't un-installed but the update doesn't seem to download or finish. just hangs no matter if you chose sd card or internal.
  8. autossh -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa.autossh -N -T -R 2022:localhost:22 -R 1472:localhost:1471 <<RELAY USER>>@<<YOUR RELAY IP>> -p 22 just add in an extra route with -R and use the port you want and point it to 1471 the pineapple GUI port. after you add that you can point your browser to your relay server at whatever port you set it at in my case i used 1472 so it would look like http://someserver.com:1472 if you are using autossh module. on the command line add it in. and save. it should work from there.
  9. I've tried the PwnPi, out of the box could never get to work with the Pi2. it would never bring up the USB or the Ethernet. not sure if it was just a problem with running on the Pi 2, since I only have the latter.
  10. thats basically what I did. I've have the Kali distro for the pi. that is what i was originally had been using. then i decided to go a little more robust and just add in the tools i required, as you can just add the tools to the distro and turn it into a kali image. but only taking what i need.
  11. Darren, great to hear, about the pineapple core project. I've currently already got a pi2 I'm using as my side workhorse for the nano. my goal was exactly that. Let the pi take on the majority of the work. The more i can pipe through the better. So far I've got the pi connected to the nano both set to auto ssh to my server so i can control everything on a separate tunnel for now while testing and configuring it all, both connecting separately at the moment. I've noticed the nano not always regain the wlan2 connection after sending a reboot sometimes, so i took the safe road and made sure both have a connection as a failsafe. So i can't wait to see what you guys come up with. So far I've got the Pi2 configured with Rasp Debain, with the Kali Rasp repo's of tools installed. i feel that is a little safer if planning on deploying then the Kali Raspberry version.
  12. Have you tried autossh? There is a module for that. Or you can manually set it up cli in the rc.local file. There is a post in the forums for this. https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/37434-autossh/#entry272694
  13. Darn phone, audibleblink the command in the rc file is the way i went. Ive found from time to time after rebooting with two relays on the gui page it doesnt always keep and i end up with no relay. So thats how i went right to rc.local to just make sure it was always going to work.
  14. audibleblink, would it be possible to set not just one remote and local forward? I've tried a few combinations and it just messes things up. so I've resorted to the straight setup you've mentioned before in another post, for both my ssh and gui tunnel to my server.. works great. perhaps you can add additional ports tab or option for both.
  15. from the looks of it your trying to use FPV style antennas, just be sure to remember rp-sma same as right hand. I've plenty of FPV gear and antennas. and was wondering the same things as i've plenty. plus i plan on using my nano on my long range plane. "just for fun" of course all needs to have the proper separation from each antenna and channel. again as long as it is a tuned 2.4 you should be good.
  16. I noticed the same thing. Watch out for getting too hot, as i also noticed in the days after decreased radio sensitivity and not being able to pick up quire as many ap's or clients. And I'm pretty sure all my neighbors didnt decide to turn everything off as i can still pull everything up on my phone and laptop and see they are still there
  17. still seems to be an issue, i've already done that a few times. my alfa card and laptop seem to find plenty very easy.
  18. having the same issue here, all was working fine, was picking up plenty of ap's and now can't seem to see any when doing a recon scan. iv'e even hooked up three diffrent wireless routers in the house and recon isn't picking them up either, nor adding them to the ssid pool. tried reset to factory twice so far and same issue. doesn't seem to find anything, and my laptop says it's out of range "same room"...ive tried airodump and after a few seconds it sees a few but not as many as it was out of the box. but still not adding anything.
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