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  1. Win Good video, I just added an extra line in PHP for passwd! Thank you! :)
  2. Hello! I've not used my Pineapple in a very long time (maybe close to 6 months). Noticed a lot of changes and a whole new EvilPortal :) I'm not the the best with setting up pages; I did have a working NoDogSplash/EvilPortal page working earlier this year, but this isn't working now... (the nano stalled/crashed during the 1.1.2 upgrade and had to do a system reboot and lost the data on the device.) Does anyone have a working EP page with user/pass, login then redirect to wherever needed [ie: Google]? If you do, are you able to help me out and give me the working page/PHP etc and tell me where to put it [dir etc]. All I need is just a basic page, doesn't need anything except a login/pass (save user/pass) then auth to allow login - I'm sure someone has one they can dump for me? I just cannot remember anything on this and pages are a little mixed with old, new and mixed data. PLEASE HELP
  3. Hey! Long time since I have used my Pineapple. Powered on today, updated and once it rebooted all of my data was gone (AP list, password files and SSID pool etc). I don't think I can get the back, which is a shame but is this a normal course of action for upgrades? Or any way to get these back (internal) or any way to prevent loss next time? edit: It's also running at 100% CPU quite a lot, never before?
  4. Hi! I'm after a Lan Turtle if anyone has one (working) for sale? I'm located in Australia. Thanks!!
  5. Multi-Rom!! http://forum.xda-developers.com/nexus-6p/development/mod-multirom-v33-beta-1-t3313291 Beta 4 works fine. Fingerprint only works on internal rom and may never work on secondaries (small price to pay!). Edit: if you're not on a nexus, you might have to compile the git yourself for your Arm64 device (if you need it).
  6. Thanks! I just used that as an example for a quick a dirty script. I didn't know that the Nano had aircrack installed. Is it installed by default? I havnt used the pineapple too much since I got it. Mostly just scanning - have not found much use for it, yet - fun toy to have still.
  7. You could use command from your phone (whatever), make a little bash script. * Login * Create a small bash script (1 line even?) * Each time you login just run script "./script" You'd only need to type ./script-name (could make it easier still by throwing it into /bin). Script can be something like; (at it's simplest) #!/bin/bash airmon-ng start wlan1 && wifite-ng -all -mac -strip -aircrack -dict 1000.txt -crack -i wlan1mon (airmon code from Fallen Archangel above)
  8. Thanks! The green NSA theme is great - Can you show where to place these files in the nano?
  9. Original/Current devices: Dell Laptop - Kali iPhone 6+ New Toy this week: Nexus 6P Mods to N6P: Multi-Rom (64Bit) 1st: Stock OS 2nd: Own compiled CyanogenMod (13.0) distro. Dev Options enabled (CM13) Pineapple software (not tried this yet) Pineapple: Tactical setup Extra wifi dongle (5370 ralink IIRC)
  10. Thanks all. Was looking at different ideas. I will get some small stubby ones (when range is not an issue) and some bigger ones !:) No domes or anything.
  11. @jermzz: You're code works great! Logs perfectly! It's a shame I can't get background images to work. If you end up getting that to would could you post it up also? THANK YOU!
  12. Thank you very much!! Greatly appreciated! Permissions were set, but I did not create the *.txt file! I did not know php had to modify an existing file. Also if you can post the script, that would be great!!
  13. Thanks mate, I saw that thread lastnight. Wasn't really much I saw. I was seeing wp6.sh and stuff and a reference to firmware issue - Didn't see an actual issue. So a side, if search was used what am I looking for? Doesn't seem like a straight issue, could be PHP was wrong, config not knowing where *.php is, html is wrong, could have been anything. Search doesn't really work for me as I came across a whole lot of threads and didn't get too much. Edit: on top of that, it says there's an issue with firmware - doesn't say what firmware the issue is with, could be 1.0.5 or lower? I don't know the frequency of the release times are. Search doesn't always yield results if there are not definite details. So... Posting a topic didn't seem all that harmful. Thanks
  14. Hi Again! So far it's been fun learning how all this works! I'm stuck on Evil AP - I copied the guide from https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/33554-support-evil-portal/and made the landing page/splash.html and made the capture.php but nothing is logged. I just used copy/paste and also used the YouTube video and copied that but still no data is captured. I'm not sure if EvilAP/Nodog knows that the file is in /www? I didn't see anything about telling EvilAP where anything is? I don't see any config files in NANO version (like what's shown in the Pineapple V version). If anyone can help, that would be great!! The code looks correct (copy and paste plus a review) but no "stored.txt" is created, nothing logged. I'm thinking it's something like nodogsplash cannot see the file in /www? I'm just not sure how or where I can link it? Just a little stuck. splash.html: /www/capture.php:
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