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  1. Thanks! I just used that as an example for a quick a dirty script. I didn't know that the Nano had aircrack installed. Is it installed by default? I havnt used the pineapple too much since I got it. Mostly just scanning - have not found much use for it, yet - fun toy to have still.
  2. You could use command from your phone (whatever), make a little bash script. * Login * Create a small bash script (1 line even?) * Each time you login just run script "./script" You'd only need to type ./script-name (could make it easier still by throwing it into /bin). Script can be something like; (at it's simplest) #!/bin/bash airmon-ng start wlan1 && wifite-ng -all -mac -strip -aircrack -dict 1000.txt -crack -i wlan1mon (airmon code from Fallen Archangel above)
  3. Hello! My Nano arrived today - I need to learn how to use it a little better; seems a little awkward, sometimes I can join other times I cannot. That's a later problem. So... I saw a forum post about sslstrip 1.0 but I cannot find it in the module download page. Is anyone able to help with how to install? I found a few good ones and so far my favourite is urlsnarf (thank you creator! It's great). Have not tried much else yet. If anyone can help can help with sslstrip that would Be great! So far the nano is pretty cool! Better than I expected, just a learning curve required I think.
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