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MARK IV - add extra wifi for network access (dual wifi)


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Sorry for the potentially overdone question but I'm extremely new to this device.

So, if someone is willing to help.

What I'd like to do; add a wifi dongle to the button USB port so this device can connect to my wifi and allow incoming connection to access the internet (no wired connection wanted).

I'm sure someone can translate my poor words ;)

Essentially - wlan0 is the pineapple's antenna and devices (targets joined hehe) will connect to this and wlan1 will be connected to my wifi and allow them access (SSLStrip etc to watch).

Is this possible?

I only have this device and I'm waiting for the Nano to get a cheaper shipping method (if ever, it's currently $66 USD to ship to me).

Thank you all for taking the time!

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Thank you for your help Mojo :)
I did end up finding a thread and details.
I found the initial thread saying I need an Athero's chipset which I found in garage (TL-W821 something something).


I did not realise about how small the space is, thanks again - appreciate it.

Will look into alternative ideas to dual wifi.

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