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  1. If the "Buyer" sends the Money "For Friends and Family" there is no chargeback possible.
  2. It's just useless for ppl who can only play/use interfaces and such.
  3. It will get fixed. Soon or not is something that only the devs know. And for testing you dont need Infusions tbh, you can do alot without them.
  4. thats why you and others can't download any infusions atm
  5. Thx Seb that would be awesome
  6. Would be nice if you just write the steps you made from the beginning to the end here when setting up your mk4, as long it's not the "standard" technique because this wont work, atleast not for me like it seems
  7. Same counts for me, i could host them too on different ftp's/dropboxes and what else, but first i have to get them. Unfortunately i dont have the Time to Play/Test much with the .php files on my 2.8.1 mk4 because im working between 60-80 hours every week ;/
  8. Or host them on a dropbox/whatever ;) Got the same Problem basicly "see here https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/37775-some-mk4-problems/" and even if i get this problem solved im sure i can't get the infusions ;/ or has anyone found a way to manualy download the infusions from the wifipineapple.com site ?
  9. here some other "logs" when the mk4 is connected to my router... still no internet possible Karma / Connection Status (Generate Detailed Report) IP address HW type Flags HW address Mask Device 0x1 0x2 00:e3:b2:c8:c9:35 * br-lan 0x1 0x2 9c:80:df:09:33:7e * eth1 0x1 0x2 6c:71:d9:f2:68:ee * eth1 KARMA: DISABLED Interfaces POE / LAN Port: USB 3G Modem: WAN / LAN Port: Public Internet: Error Connect
  10. months ago i had a setup running having 2 wlan interfaces + 8gb drive + solarpower battery pack with 50 amps (5v/1amp output and 5v/2amps output) and a powered usb splitter
  11. Well i just need it to test if i can reach internet with the 3.0.0 firmware since i have some trouble getting it with the latest stable one, also i can't reflash my ap over uart and such... much pain today in order to get it running again... thx for the link
  12. I run into some Problems after i took out my AP121U flahsed with the 2.8.1 Firmware. I can't get any Internet connection anymore, however it was possible some Months/Years ago. ICS has the correct setup as far i know, my Wireless adapter is shared and points to the LAN interface where i connect the Pineapple, the LAN Interface has the IP, subnet and the dns settings. I can access the AP121U/Pineapple with any device. Even when i connect the AP to my Router, it's getting all ip's and such but i can't get any internet connection (i tried both Ports on the AP w
  13. Hello mates, Im looking for sellers of the inTitle described Hardware items prefered in or around Germany ;)
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