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Infusion Creation


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I realize that the mark IV is out of date now and pretty much all concentration is going into new versions of the pineapple. I however have the mark IV and can't afford to buy the mark V at the moment. I am willing to do the work for it but I would like to know how to create infusions for the mark IV so I can do some that I would like to have. Thanks for any help provided.

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My recommendation is to take one of the already written infusions and understand how it works and why it works. This will help you establish the foundation for writing an infusion.

Next you can take one from the MKV or Nano and analyze the what is occurring with respect to the calls that are made against the device to install packages, etc. You can try to port those commands over to the MKVI if the device has the space to store the dependencies that are installed. You may need to set up expandable storage on the USB stick.

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