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flashihg bluessss


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OK, I'm pretty experienced with the wifi pineapple and Linux in general I'm no expert but i can get around and do what i need to do. that said.

i recently pulled my MKV out and dusted it off. I had stole the sdcard for another project at some point. i booted the mkv up and all i got was solid green and flashing blue light. i let it flash blue all night and same thing in the morning. i rebooted. same. i found a 2gb sdcard, i formatted it FAT put it in the MKV, put dip #5 down and booted up hooked to my PC with an ip address of i get the recovery page. i downloaded the proper factory bin and it went too 100% and told me to flip my dip back up and reboot, so i did.. reboots to blinking blue.

things i have tried

-format the sdcard EXT4- still blinks blue for hours after the reboot

-let it sit after loading the bin for it to get the happy light sequence - still blinks blue forever.

- tried to power off my batt - still blinks blue for days

- tried a different power supply 9v 1A = 9 watts should be good right?

- tried an 8gb class10 sdcard - same

after changing each variable i followed the unbrick process with no success.

i have read a similar thread on the same issue and the admin said the answer was in the FAQ. if it is i'm blind or retarded.

Thanks for the help


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