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  1. i have a raspberry pi that connects to the internet and shares it to my pineapple via Ethernet (the RPI is setup right and works awesome at boot) but when i boot the pineapple i need to go to network and add the br-lan route for the tethering to work. this is a permanent setup and i want that route to be set at boot. i have looked and i know this is an easy one but i am just stumped... any help would be awesome.
  2. I got it, what i did. formatted SD card ext4 primary (was ext4 before but was logical) dip 5 down ,no sdcard, boot uploaded factory file. got the good light sequence right away after it finished. put sdcard in flipped up dip 5 restarted. off to the races.
  3. i found a 12v 1A power supply and im trying it right now to completely rule out power issue
  4. OK, I'm pretty experienced with the wifi pineapple and Linux in general I'm no expert but i can get around and do what i need to do. that said. i recently pulled my MKV out and dusted it off. I had stole the sdcard for another project at some point. i booted the mkv up and all i got was solid green and flashing blue light. i let it flash blue all night and same thing in the morning. i rebooted. same. i found a 2gb sdcard, i formatted it FAT put it in the MKV, put dip #5 down and booted up hooked to my PC with an ip address of i get the recovery page. i downloaded the proper factory bin and it went too 100% and told me to flip my dip back up and reboot, so i did.. reboots to blinking blue. things i have tried -format the sdcard EXT4- still blinks blue for hours after the reboot -let it sit after loading the bin for it to get the happy light sequence - still blinks blue forever. - tried to power off my batt - still blinks blue for days - tried a different power supply 9v 1A = 9 watts should be good right? - tried an 8gb class10 sdcard - same after changing each variable i followed the unbrick process with no success. i have read a similar thread on the same issue and the admin said the answer was in the FAQ. if it is i'm blind or retarded. Thanks for the help Haroo
  5. there is an infusion for this it makes it easy. its called network manager. for fw 3 its called wifi manager but i couldnt get wifi manager to work so i downgraded to 2.8.1 and i was up and running in a few min. hope this helps and makes it easy for you. haroo
  6. im using 12v 1A. could i go bigger than that safely? i dont have the serial device to reflash but will order one when i can. Thanks
  7. ok so my pineapple reboots when i have it under a little load. i have checked everything i can find on the forums i think it has to do with this /dev/root 5.3M 5.3M 0 100% /rom when i first got my pineapple i installed some infusions to the device and that seemed to have filled the dev/root/ does anyone know where i can find some files i can delete to free up some room to see if thats my issue? Im on FW 3 but was having the same issue on all the other revs Thanks Haroo
  8. i have reverted to 2.5.0 and so far i have not got a reboot and im up for 30 min now. will post results. if its works good ill go back to 2.7.7 and see if i get reboots
  9. runs longer without reaver. last time it rebooted it didnt recognize the ath9k i unplugged it from the hub and plugged it back in and it recognized it .
  10. when i just run sslstrip and no reaver it does the same thing but lasts longer than when i have reaver running
  11. /dev/root is completely full and i dont know why that is. is there a way i can clean it up?
  12. root@Pineapple:~# free total used free shared buffers Mem: 29336 28380 956 0 1648 -/+ buffers: 26732 2604 Swap: 975748 6168 969580 root@Pineapple:~# ps root@Pineapple:~# df -h Filesystem Size Used Available Use% Mounted on rootfs 1.1M 444.0K 644.0K 41% / /dev/root 5.0M 5.0M 0 100% /rom tmpfs 14.3M 120.0K 14.2M 1% /tmp tmpfs 512.0K 0 512.0K 0% /dev /dev/mtdblock3 1.1M 444.0K 644.0K 41% /overlay overlayfs:/overlay 1.1M 444.0K 644.0K 41% / /dev/sda1 2.8G 142.8M 2.5G 5% /usb
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