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Hi Guys

Just unpacked my new Lan Turtle, all updated and patched with no problems... (thank you so much Hak5 team)

Now setting up my AutoSSH for remote management and access to the target LAN

The problem I am having is once the key pair are generated I try to copy the key to the host ssh server

and receive an error "There was an error retrieving the key fingerprint"

I am not sure if it's me (very much a newb) or if I have missed something, my cloud server is running Ubuntu 14.* LTS and is fully updated and patched. I have no problems SSH'ing to the server via putty or accessing the turtle via putty...

Any idea's or suggestions would be much appreciated (be gentle) :smile:

Kindest regards


London (UK)

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Welcome to the turtle Simon! I just do key exchange the "old fashioned" way. Copy pasta is a delicious dish.

At the commandline on the turtle:

cat .ssh/id_rsa.pub

copy and paste the output. If theres nothing there you haven't generated the keys. To do that type:

ssh-keygen -t rsa

Then repeat the first step. Next up ssh into your home server

ssh user@homeserver

nano .ssh/authorized_keys

Paste the key here! Ctrl+x to close, hit Y to save and you're done!

Hope that helps


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