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Weird Boot up Issue...

Lost In Cyberia

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Hey everyone, I know this isn't a PC support forum..but who knows maybe one of you guys have run into a similar issue.. I built my PC and and supplied it with a 600w Powersupply. I have a mid range MSI graphics card attached, and a bunch of USB devices plugged in (keyboard, mouse, dvd burner), and two SATA hard drives plugged in. The motherboard I have is MSI


So the problem is that whenever I put my computer into sleep mode, and then go to restart it from sleep, it does this really weird "triple" wakeup up attempt. What I mean is I heard the fans, and hard drive rev up for a second. then it shuts back down. Then there's a 2 second pause of nothing. Then it attempts to power on again, fans spin, then shuts down....Finally ALWAYS on the third attempt, the computer boots fine, fans comes on, hard drives spin up, and all is merry.

This isn't really a horrible issue, but it's just odd...and a bit concerning... Considering I hear the hard drives spin up, then shut down abrubtly, I just hope no long term damage to the drive is being done....I sleep my computer quiet often...

And that's the other thing, when I shut it down completely, and cold boot, it boots fine! Never had an issue.. Any thoughts on this?

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In my experience, short-circuits and brown-outs result in your PSU staying off until you flick the switch in the back off and on again.

In terms of power envelope, things seem cool. That GPU is a mere 60W one. The biggest CPU you can pair that MoBo with is a 140W part, the USB stuff is likely less than 20W for everything combined. The harddisks can pull in up to 20W during spin-up. All in all that 600W PSU should lie back, feet on the table and openly yawning at you when confronted with this load. It can be that you put everything on the same rail when PSU has several, but that, again, should result in a brown-out which isn't something your PSU is going to just ignore and try again. Or are you using some flaky chinese piece of shit PSU that claims to be 600 but gets wobbly at 250?

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