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Save Sims 2 Progress


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Hi, well my sisters pc has gone rather weird and i have been asked to format it. The only problem is that she plays The Sims 2 ALOT !! and shes really far and wants me to save her progress is there anyway of doing this ?

Any suggestions really grateful :)


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yea, my sister was really into the sims

the save files are in the person's documents folder

i think there is a directory called "EA Games" or something like that, if i can recall it was also pretty large, ~500MB or something like that. All you need to do is save that directory with winzip or something like that, then after formatting, reinstall the sims and replace the "EA Games" folder.

The thing is that if she has any addons or something like that, you have to install exactly the same ones as the ones that are on there already, so if she has the sims 2 and sims nightlife or something like that, you need to install both of them before replacing the directory.

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