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Monetize a hacking related website?


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Work has been a little slow and I have some time on my hands. I've been considering publishing a website with a lot of hacking related content. Mostly links to tutorials, software, videos, and things like that. Basically a web directory specifically geared toward cybersecurity.

I've been looking through some affiliate program and ad networks and most of them don't want to advertise on hacking related sites, even if the site is purely informational. Looking for some kind of company that serves interstitionals, banners, or something like that.

I'm not really pick but I need it to meet these three conditions.

ad network doesn't hack my visitors

ad network accepts hacking related sites

ad network actually pays reliably

Anybody know where I should look for something like this?

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Do you think that perhaps simply changing your vocabulary could get more advertisers on board with you? For instance, perhaps don't use the phrase "hacking", and instead use phrases such as "information security", perhaps "penetration testing", and of course emphasize the fact that your site is for reaching "information security professionals", and hobbyists?

I don't know, perhaps it is simply putting the best face on a site who'se main terminology has a stigma associated with it? Not saying it's right.

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Big problem with this is that the people who visit hacking websites are people who use ad blockers and similar tech to basically make the ad showing a moot point.

To be honest, I don't believe there's a real way to make money off of a website using ads. Your only recourse is a pay wall and since you're just an aggregator (I doubt you'll manage to update a website reliably and sufficiently often to make people want to pay you for it) I don't expect many people to go for it since they'll just get the content elsewhere for free.

I think your best bet is to make youtube videos, nabbing a cut from that ad revenue and try to get a targeted sponsor. You should expect that you first need to have a sufficiently substantial following before any sponsor is willing to invest in you. After all, they want something back for their money...

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