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  1. Seems cool, just curious about the "EDC" pouch for it. 1.) is it MOLLE? 2.) will it house the MK V as well? 3.) OD Green or Olive Drab?
  2. It wasn't that, it was the fact that my data was retained by a plan I haven't used or been a part of for over a decade. Bingo.
  3. Dunno if anyone else has gotten them, but: 1) Excellus/Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance which I had under my parents 18 years ago got breached 2) Government wise Operation of Background Checks was compromised Figured I'd share
  4. Try bully as in my experience sans the pixiewps attack it works better and quicker.
  5. Adobe released an update for the Adobe Flash Player earlier this week to rectify a zero-day exploit being employed as part of the long-running cyber-espionage campaign known as "Pawn Storm." Unfortunately, as determined by Trend Micro and confirmed by Adobe in a follow-up security bulletin, that update failed to correct the problem, and so another update has been released today. The new update addresses "critical" vulnerabilities in the Flash Player, which "if exploited would allow malicious native-code to execute, potentially without a user being aware," according to Adobe's severity ratings. This could result in PCs being crashed or even taken over by remote attackers. The good news, such as it is, is that the exploit is being used in "limited, targeted attacks," according to the security bulletin. Trend Micro said essentially the same thing on its blog, noting that Pawn Storm attacks appear to be contained to international government agencies, specifically against "several foreign affairs ministries from around the globe." Even so, this is pretty clearly another nail in Flash's coffin. It's on the way out anyway, and security holes like this are sooner or later bound to become less about making sure that Flash is up to date, and more about wondering why you're bothering with it in the first place. There's plenty to read about it if cyber-security is your thing. If, on the other hand, you just want to ensure that your PC doesn't get dicked around by some jerk on the other side of the planet, you can simply grab the latest update and carry on with your day. Either way, it's something you'll want to get on with as soon as possible. Thanks, Ars Technica. http://www.pcgamer.com/adobe-flash-player-updated-to-combat-critical-security-vulnerability/ hell i think i posted something similar here
  6. One option is going beyond a usb dead drop, but has access to local open networks, so obviously not just a mortared in usb stick. Something you can ssh into and observe and use a redirect you can open for free using vpn for starters, this goes more into doing real life shit which i was used to back in phreaking days where'd I'd mod a cheap cordless setup and connect it to a j box that could with some climbing be inserted into a telecom pole box and powered off line while charging handsets at home. then again we don't use dial up anymore,
  7. I will note is it worth trying to slim it down as there are some duplicates it in.
  8. As title says I'd like to get another 15000 without another kit.
  9. Youtube video demonstrations (as a partner) and store affiliate links. Minimal extra cash, but better than nothing.
  10. Going from C/C++/C# to Java is a nightmare, it's laid out so fucked. College at 30 years old, after taking AP comp sci in HS C++, then military come out, no credit for AP. 101 is now a Java course including me a Microsoft worker, and a huge nix admin. We constantly butted heads with the professor about optimizing code and using easier formats for long winded shit she taught, oh and every damn thing had to be commented, which ended up being more comments than code. Made my high school AP Comp Sci look like MIT level vs this shit. Java is ok at best but so shit otherwise.
  11. Also worth getting a sight/ or using a compass and a tripod with your yagis for the long distance stuff. https://www.slimgr.com/image/nbq
  12. It's been years since I've been to a local meetup, but they were always great. Then again back then I was big into phone phreaking and would travel to Canada for meets just to blab about their Millenium card based phones. Politics discussion is always going to cause issues just like religion why I try to keep it away from any discussion as I tend to be a Libertarian/Conservative asshole at times. Reading the last couple issues it does seem to still have a couple decent articles, but nothing 0 day or new you can't find with keeping up on forums or RSS security feeds.
  13. It's not 50,000mAh. Have the same one after I saw you post it on the Reaver Pro forums. 20-30k mAh is more like it, but still better value than a lot of solar packs.
  14. It's good to have a general knowledge in everything you can and specialize in a few. Hell I started with BASIC on a C64, then went to z80 ASM for TI-83 and Gameboy and kept going with C/C++. Just recently got into Python and even something free and interactive like https://www.codecademy.com/course works well to start.
  15. Came across this on /r/hacking which links plenty of good resources https://github.com/enaqx/awesome-pentest
  16. Isn't this still just brute forcing using rainbow tables or GPU based hardware like hashcat unless I'm reading it wrong?
  17. I have a Jansport t44l I use for school and outside of it that houses my laptop and gear quite nicely.
  18. I used to love it as I'm an old school phreaker. Reading new issues seem decent, but really specific.
  19. Also need to hunt down the article, but read that Offic 16 is going to natively support nix
  20. Corporation/money wise none. User wise they were smart to do the free Windows 10 update for users. However users finding the tracking bits and personal info being shared by 10 is kind of a backlash on them, but not that many mainstream sites are covering it. I can't wait to setup a Win10 box in my lab to test for vulnerabilities and with most people not removing the tracking stuff in 10 it's going to be a goldmine of data for anyone who hacks and gains access.
  21. Goddamn it, just when I had my budget set for next month and was gonna add RF to my kit... bluetooth just had to make an advancement...
  22. Oh boy you just made me way more interested, I think I'm gonna see if this can run or redirect to something to gain access pre or prior to crash from this.
  23. While I have the OG MG games on NES the MSX versions are the definitive versions to play. If you have a PS3 I'd recommend getting the Legacy Collection as those versions are on it along with a bunch of the Solid games.
  24. Used to play the shit out of the original between this and Quake/2 modded and Tribes until... Also Gunz 2 is garbage.
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