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Create a VPN inside a enterprise ?


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Hi everyone . Im new here.

Let em introduce ,my name is Alexandre , im from brazil

I have been learning a lot about penetrating and hack mods here

i have a test im tryng to made and im not pretty sure how to complete this

The scenario is this.

i need to be able to connect to my work network to work from home

i work in a support 7/24 , some times i don't want to come to work because is just me alone in the front of the computer

some times i spend all week whit no issue

so i want to be able to open a intranet site in my house.

how is the best way to accomplish this?

Can i create a vpn between my house connection and turtle module? then in my browser be able to open a local intranet webpage?

Maybe a raspberry pi whit some tools? i can provide my own credentials to the box , so i think will have same privileges as me.

how this can be done?

mitmproxy ?

how can i act like im on work ??

is this possible? is just a dream?

sorry my english is not that good

thanks in avance

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Step one: Get a signed document from management that says you can do this.

Remember, your home machine becomes part of the work network when you use a VPN. If your home machine gets/is compromised and/or infected the direct result is that your work network is compromised and/or infected. You working from home is thus a risk to your employer and you shouldn't just assume him/her to be cool with that just because it would be more convenient to you.

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Make a business case to management for you working from home.

It takes you X amount of time to get from home to work. If this is outside your regular working hours, you should be compensated in some way for your travel time as well as the actual time spent working on the issue. This happens roughly Y times per year, given historic evidence. If you're allowed to work from home it would save the company X*Y. It takes some skill/effort/money to set up, but the solution should pay for itself in roughly Z amount of time and after that this solution saves the company money. If more people within the company are in a similar situation the savings multiply while the expenses remain equal. So please authorize this project so we can make this happen.

Make sure to include the risk bit in the document so management is able to correctly assess the risk/benefit ratio. If you leave it out and they discover there's a risk and don't like it, it's your ass.

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